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Suburban Fantasy, Gender Politics, plus a Goblin Prom: Why Labyrinth is a Classic.


An article posted on Tor.com about our beloved movie. Everyone needs to check this out. 

The film opens with our teenaged protagonist, Sarah, lost in her own little world, preferring to hang out in costume reciting plays in the park than she is in “normal” teenaged stuff like dating. The first ten minutes of the movie do a stellar job of setting up Sarah as the heroine of her own suburban fairy tale, the put-upon Cinderella who stomps her way huffily through interactions with her more-exasperated-than-evil stepmother and nice-but-clueless dad. It’s a tribute to Jennifer Connelly’s performance that Sarah manages to exhibit all the hyper-dramatic martyrdom of your average 16-year-old while still seeming sympathetic and likeable — it’s easy to identify with her in the same way that we identify with Alice, or Dorothy Gale, or Sendak’s Max.

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    And this is why Labyrinth is my Godfather, my Terminator, my Citizen Kane…it is the huge, impactful movie that will...
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